Kürtősh in Surry Hills, Sydney

I had never tried Hungarian desserts before, so a trip to Kürtősh was the closest I could get in Sydney without leaving for Hungary.

What is Kürtősh?
Kürtősh is a Hungarian style cafe and bakery that specialises in the making of kürtősh, a spiralled pastry resembling an elongated donut coated in toppings of your selection. It is run by Tom and Ben Haikin and Jean-Marc Masset.

The first Kürtősh house opened in Randwick in September 2011 followed by Surry Hills in 2012.

My pedestrian thoughts
I went to Kürtősh and did not eat a kürtősh. However, I did redeem myself by eating a Hungarian tort and a few other chilled slab cakes. Delicious.

The most interesting part of the evening was getting the desserts. Slab cakes are sold by weight at $4/100g. In other words, you ask the staff to cut as much or as little as you like. You are free to then say “no, it’s too big” or “cut it a bit smaller”. We umm-ed and ahh-ed at the size every time they cut it for us. It was quite fun.

In the end, we got a slice each of the almond and pear frangipane tart, raspberry cheesecake and dobosh tort (toffee glazed sponge cake with chocolate buttercream).

Almond and pear frangipane tart, dobosh tort and raspberry cheesecake

Almond and pear frangipane tart, dobosh tort and raspberry cheesecake

They would be great with a nice cup of tea (I was too full). The buttercream in the tort made it really rich. You needed to eat this dessert chilled otherwise the buttercream begins to turn into a bit of a mess. Already being on the full side before dessert, this was not an easy task. You’ve been warned.

The cheesecake and tart were both quite nice, though I found the tart a little on the dry side.

I must go back again for the kürtősh next time!

More information
Kürtősh is located at 604-606 Crown Street, Surry Hills. It’s a 12 minute walk from Central station (Devonshire Street exit).

Check out its webpage, and read another review here on Broadsheet Sydney.

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