What do I get from Sina Weibo’s premium VIP membership?

Sina Weibo (新浪微博) [known in the west as Chinese Twitter] has just introduced a VIP package for just RMB10 (AU$1.5) a month. Find out what you can get by reading on.

For just RMB10 a month, you have bought yourself 15 special “privileges” that come under the following four headings.

身份特权 (Special personalisation features)

  1. 专属标识 – you get a special crown icon next to your name to show off  that you are indeed a paying VIP.
  2. 专属模板 – you get to customise your home page
  3. 专属勋章 – you get a special VIP badges to add to your collection of other badges
  4. 专属微号 – you get to pick a special custom account number
  5. 专属客服 – you get access to the special call centre for help and assistance

Oh no, I’ve been censored and deleted. Never fear, call a friendly Weibo customer service rep!

功能特权 (Special functions)

  1. 等級加速 – you get to increase the rate at which you collect points
  2. 关注上限提高 – you can increase the number of people you can follow from 2,000 to 3,000
  3. 优先推荐 – you will find your posts recommended ahead of others
  4. 悄悄关注 – you get to increase the number of people you “secretly” follow (you won’t appear on their followers list and they won’t appear on your following list) from 10 to 30
  5. 微博屏蔽 – you get to increase the number of followers you can “shield” (remove their posts from your timeline without unfollowing them or them even knowing) from 5 to 100

Now you can secretly follow more people without them or anyone else knowing…

手机特权 (Special mobile features)

  1. 语音微博 – you can call a special number and leave a voice weibo
  2. 短信特别关注 – you can get a text message when someone you follow weibos (up to 15 followers)
  3. 生日提醒 – you get a text message notifying you of birthdays and you even get a surprise present on your own

No excuses for forgetting your followers’ birthday now!

安全特权 (Special security features)

  1. 短信安全提醒 – you can register your mobile phone and get text messages for security
  2. 短信密码重置 – you can use text messaging to re-enter your account if you have forgotten your password

SMS text messaging for password retrieval

VIP levels
The VIP membership is split into 6 stages of membership from VIP1 (600) to VIP 6 (10,000). It works on a points basis.

On a regular membership, you get 10 points a day. On a yearly membership, you get 15 points daily. Every time you increase a VIP level, you get 200 points.

This is important because your VIP level determines how “premium” your premium membership is, and so how many people you can quietly stalk, “shield” or follow.

Many media sources have said that the premium features have been met with mixed enthusiasm. I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t pay for these features on Twitter and some are just stalkerishly weird.

I did also hear from one media source that one of the reasons why Sina has had to do this was because it had incurred too many costs in order to effectively censor content on Weibo. If that’s the case, then they should really be charging those that get red flagged.

Check out the new spectacular VIP features of Sina Weibo preimum here. Discounts available for payment of 3 months or more!

For poor man’s Sina Weibo without the crown and prestige, go here.