What I saw at Vivid Sydney 2012

There are ten days left of Vivid Sydney 2012. Make sure you catch it before it goes away for another year.

We began our Vivid journey at 7pm in front of Customs House. This year’s Customs House projection is simply awesome. The building becomes a backdrop for a funny cartoon projection portraying the different parts of city life. Loved it.

From there we tracked on towards the Opera House and along the way saw the world’s biggest torchlight, an installation made from optic fibres, a tornado of lights and dogs with fishbowl heads.

The Opera House projection was by far the biggest disappointment of this year’s festival. I didn’t like the projections, which were of people twirling on the sails in weird and awkward poses. Not colourful and downright boring. Check it out here: URBANSCREEN Light Sydney Opera House

There’s heaps of interactive installations around First Fleet Park. You will see an installation that responds to loud sounds (you will hear lots of screaming). Also there is a tic-tac-toe game, bikes with angel wings and a hopscotch. Great for the kids.

The projection on the Museum of Contemporary Art facade was quite awesome and the complete opposite of the Opera House. It had colour and life.

Around the corner at Campbells Cove, you should check out the water projection near Quay restaurant, the orange igloo, the chandelier in the middle of the bay, the weather strobing lights, the spinning cube and the wattle.

If you do make the journey around to Walsh Bay (a 10-15 minute walk from Campbells Cove), check out the umbrellas with LEDs, the stars above your head, the interactive and colourful projection and the short film. I do warn you that it is a trek to get there but it’s vivid without the masses of people.

We finished just past 10pm and we hadn’t even seen the installations in and around The Rocks. So do prepare yourself for a generous walk if you intend to see most of the installations. Also, don’t go on an empty stomach.

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Overall, a great Vivid Sydney 2012 light show. The highlight for me was definitely Customs House. If you’re thinking about whether to take the kids, I say do it. I had heaps of fun myself as a bigger kid. The only worry is the crowds. I thought that for a Thursday night, there were a lot more people than I had expected. As we near the end, expect more crowds if the weather stays nice.

For more information, check out the Vivid Sydney website.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below.


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