Nazimi in Town Hall, Sydney

Nazimi is one of those places that you would walk past without even realising and that’s if you even walk around there. So is it worth going to?

What is Nazimi?
Nazimi is a Japanese restaurant situated below ground level on York Street. It’s not your typical ramen or udon restaurant. Rather, it serves nice, hearty entrees, main meals, and a selection of sushi and sashimi.

I’ve been to Nazimi several times, but for this post I’ll just talk about what I had on one cold Sydney autumn night.

My pedestrian thoughts
It was cold, so we decided to order a sukiyaki hotpot ($20 per person). My friend insisted that we get the spicy tuna roll so we got that too.

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Let’s start with the spicy tuna roll. It was delicious, though I’m a bigger fan of other sushi rolls like dragon and spider rolls. Nonetheless it was yum and the tuna wasn’t outclassed by the sauce or the rice.

The star of the night by far was the sukiyaki hotpot. There was heaps of tofu and vegetables like eggplant, carrot, chinese cabbage, cucumber and mushrooms inside the hotpot. They also give you a side of udon noodles for once you are done eating the beef. There was a whole bowlful for three people, which I personally think was enough. Thankfully, the sauce wasn’t too salty or sweet – it was just right.

For me the true novelty of hotpot is that you can chat away till your little heart’s content as the things cook. There’s a buzz about Nazimi and it’s probably to do with the small size of the restaurant. From memory I think there’s only about 12 tables inside.

Lastly, some non-food related things of note: (1) Nazimi can get quite warm so make sure you’re appropriately dressed and (2) the walk to the bathroom is unlike any other place you’ve ever been to!

More information
Nazimi is located at 141 York Street, Town Hall. It’s a 2 minute walk from Town Hall station.

For more information, head on to some reviews here on Urbanspoon and Eatability.

Thanks for reading my pedestrian thoughts. Leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on Nazimi.