Naruone Korean Restuarant in the City, Sydney

It’s so easy to miss this restaurant and walk right past it as you dash down Pitt Street. So is it worth discovering?

What is Naruone?
Naruone is a Korean restaurant that offers a selection of soups, sizzling plate dishes and hot pots. All the people around me spoke Korean, so that can’t be a bad thing, right?

My pedestrian thoughts
I came here after class at around 2pm on Saturday, so I found it comforting that Naruone was not (1) deserted and (2) had people speaking in the same language as the food.

I ordered the spicy pork rib hangover stew (AU$13) to settle the raging war inside my stomach. I did consider whether it would be too spicy and the chances of me leaving Naruone hungry, but I was more intrigued about what a hangover stew actually was. The translations on the menu only confirmed that it was a hangover stew in both Chinese and Japanese.

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It came out and luckily for me it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. The spiciness was bearable and the soup tasted alright. I don’t know my Korean flavours, but I assume that it’s made from a soybean base. There was plenty of soup to rid multiple hangovers in my opinion.

The pork ribs were on the bone, akin to the pork bones you would typically find in a Chinese soup. Unfortunately, things got a little messy as I tried to take the meat off. This is not a dish to get if you wanted to show off your best etiquette at the table.

My friend got the bulgogi in an earthenware pot ($13), and it looked alright. I thought the sides of kimchi were nice.

Naruone is nothing flash but it fills the tummy.

More information
Naruone Korean Restaurant is located on basement level at 375 Pitt Street, Sydney. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from Town Hall or Museum station near World Square.

Thanks for reading my pedestrian thoughts. Leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on Naruone.


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