A quick guide to Vivid Sydney 2012

It’s that time of year again when Sydneysiders venture out in the cold to see the city’s trees, buildings and the Opera House covered in colourful lights. Welcome to Vivid Sydney 2012.

Here is a quick guide to the illumination side of Vivid Sydney’s 2012 program.

1. Lights On
The city’s lights display is the major drawcard in the Vivid Sydney program. This year, over 50 interactive light art sculptures and installations created by 75 artists will be showcased around the Circular Quay/The Rocks foreshore area.

When: May 25 to June 11 from 6pm to midnight
Where: around Circular Quay and The Rocks foreshore precinct

Campbells Cove in Vivid Sydney 2012 (Courtesy: Vivid Sydney)

Notably, the world’s largest torch will be here in Sydney. Also, Cadman’s Cottage will be illuminated with interactive statistical data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. A school of angler fish will weave through the crowds in Follow the Current, and a rotating cube called Colour Cubed will be one of the interactive hands-on installations.

The orange “bibigloo” at Vivid Sydney 2012 (Courtesy: Vivid Sydney)

Download a copy of the Vivid Sydney Lights On map from Vivid Sydney at this link here (pdf) and follow the light walk.

2. Customs House
If you were at Vivid Sydney 2011, you would remember the stunning moving 3D projections on Customs House. This year it returns and Vivid Sydney organisers promise something just as spectacular.

Customs House lit up at Vivid Sydney 2012 (Courtesy: Vivid Sydney)

3. Lighting the Sails
The illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails is the highlight of the Vivid Sydney program. This year, Urbanscreen will be using the latest in 3D lighting projection technology to transform the plain white sails into moving works of art. Stay tuned.

The best views of the sails are from the Overseas Passenger Terminal foreshore and Campbells Cove.

Vivid Sydney 2012: Lighting the Sails by Urbanscreen (Courtesy: Vivid Sydney)

My suggested itinerary
Check out what I did when I went to Vivid Sydney here. I’ve also included in that post the photos I took that night.

The 702 ABC Sydney website has a good podcast series that features 10 of the installations at this year’s Vivid Sydney. It’s definitely worth listening to. Here’s the link.

For more information on the rest of Vivid Sydney’s 2012 program including the arts and idea exchange workshops, take a look at their complete program here (pdf). Also check out Vivid Sydney’s website.

Enjoy Winter and Vivid Sydney 2012!


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