sugar hit 2011: sydney harbour marriott

Waking into the Macquarie Lounge of the Sydney Harbour Marriott near Circular Quay for the Crave Sydney Food Festival “Sugar Hit”, I was impressed by the warm welcome from the friendly waitresses as well as the live music performance by a young lady on the piano singing jazz numbers.  But how did the food fare?

Guest review by gecki.

The dessert
A chocolate tasting of three selections, including milk chocolate and hazelnut tower, white chocolate mousse and rich mud cake.

The look
Two sets of the desserts came together on a large white plate painted with splashes of raspberry sauce and topped with caramelised sugar decorations. The look was simple yet elegant.

Sydney Harbour Marriot's Sugar Hit 2011

The taste test
The milk chocolate and hazelnut tower did not resemble a tower of any sort. The appearance and taste reminded me more of being like a chocolate brownie. Despite the name, this dessert was amazingly good, with a fine contrast of textures from the chocolate and hazelnuts, bringing back memories of eating chocolate brownies from my primary school days.

The white chocolate mousse was my favourite dessert of the night. The white chocolate mousse was not too sweet, with very subtle flavours of vanilla, which was further enhanced by eating it with the slice of mandarin from the garnishing. The mousse itself was silky smooth and the dark chocolate netting used to contain the mousse provided a contrast of flavours between dark and white chocolate. The only disappointing element from this otherwise flawless dessert was the small sponge at the bottom of the mousse which was a bit dry.

The rich mud cake was a surprise as it did not resemble a traditional mud cake. It consisted of a milk chocolate mousse, which was creamy and smooth, with a dense chocolate base. The proportion between the mousse and the base was perfect, as the mousse tasted light and airy in the mouth, while the base gave a sense of volume and substance without being overly powering.

The caramelised sugar and raspberry sauce was a nice touch, but the raspberry sauce has been on the plate for too long and it had already solidified by the time the dessert was served.

Overall, I would recommend you to try Marriott for Sugar Hit for 2011. The atmosphere of this place is great with less people than other high profile places. The desserts are of a very high quality and chocolate lovers will love this selection of chocolate tastings.

Would I go back?
Given the quality of the “Sugar Hit” desserts, I will try to go back after “Sugar Hit” to try out their normal desserts.

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