sugar hit 2011: glass brasserie

The third stop on my Crave Sydney Food Festival “Sugar Hit” tour was the one I was most looking forward to. Did it live up to expectations?

The dessert
Milk chocolate bavarois, tonka bean creme brulee, caramel sorbet and salted beans. The dessert comes with a Brown Brothers riesling from the “Patricia” range.

The look
After the The Westin and Shangri-la Hotel, it was third time lucky with the Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Hotel. I’m sure you would agree that the dessert looks classy. It was simple but had thought. Frankly, I expected nothing less.

Glass Brasserie's Sugar Hit 2011

The taste test
The milk chocolate bavarois was silky smooth. I was pleasantly surprised that the milk chocolate was not too sweet nor overpowering. Although after a while, the dessert did start to feel decadent and rich. To break this up, the chefs used salted peanuts to add an extra sensory element to the dish. In doing so, they created this juxtaposition of salty sweetness and smooth crunchiness that I had never experienced before.

Milk chocolate bavarois, tonka bean creme brulee and salted beans

They did a similar crossover on the caramel sorbet, which they sprinked with salt. You could taste a light caramel flavour with hints of saltiness and sourness. It was truly amazing. The pop rocks on the side added bits of needed crunch.

Caramel sorbet sprinkled with salt and pop rocks

Lastly, I want to talk about the tonka bean creme caramel that is sandwiched between the bavarois because I had no idea what it was when I ate it. It had a consistency of creme caramel with a milky caramel taste with what my friends described as subtle hints of almond-like nuttiness. A subsequent wikipedia search of what a tonka bean is confirmed that my friends were spot on. It was an interesting element of the dish.

Overall, I would recommend that you try the Glass Brasserie’s sugar hit for 2011. It is the best of the three (refer to below links) I have been to so far this month. I suggest you check this one out.

Would I go back?
If I can get a booking, yes. As far as I know, the Glass Brasserie is heavily booked for the remaining weekends and Friday nights.

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