sugar hit 2011: shangri-la hotel

The second stop on my Crave Sydney Food Festival “Sugar Hit” tour involved a trek up the hill to the Shangri-La Hotel. Was the trek worth it?

The dessert
The website said “a specifically designed dessert”. I can reveal that this meant a selection of desserts from their chocolate desserts menu including (in picture clockwise from left to right) the pistachio slice, gateau opera, whisky candy bar, white chocolate macaroon, chocolate bavarois and chocolate and cherry tart.

The dessert comes with a Brown Brothers red dessert wine.

The look
There was nothing stunning about the presentation as you can see – just six small items on my plate. No fanciness. Although after my The Westin experience, I learnt that fanciness did not equal tasty and that small desserts are best. So we’re off to a good start.

Shangri-La Hotel's Sugar Hit 2011

The taste test
Let’s first look at the many positives. I loved the opera gateau. The coffee butter cream was aromatic and not rich. The kahlua dipped sponges did not overpower the dessert and it contrasted nicely with the hazelnut chocolate crunch from the base of the gateau, which tasted like pop rocks in your mouth. Loved it.

I also loved the chocolate bavorois. The bavarois was delicate with soft subtle tones of chocolate throughout. The slight tartness of the berry inside the bavarois helped to cut the richness. Overall I found that it was not too rich or sweet which was great.

For fans of alcohol in your dessert, you need to try the whisky candy bar and  chocolate and cherry tart. The kirsch in the chocolate cherry tart really packed a punch. Meanwhile the whisky chocolate in the candy bar gave the dessert a bitter alcoholic taste which I found somewhat unusual. The highlight of the candy bar for me though was the feuilletine base, which had a nice crunch.

The pistachio slice was a contrast to the other milder flavoured desserts. I liked the texture of the rice pudding in the white chocolate bavarois but I personally found it to be a little sweet. My sugar tolerance is not terribly high. My friend said she could taste the pistachio in the sponge but I didn’t.

Lastly, it’s time to talk about the not so positive things. As I alluded to above, I don’t like overly sweet things. The macaroon was very sweet. I could taste the spice but all I could remember was how sweet the macaroon was. Also, I found it to be dry and lacked a certain give in texture that I would have expected from a macaroon.

Overall report card: 4 out of 6 desserts were to my taste.

Would I go back?
Definitely. (After I have been back to the Glass Brasserie for their Sugar Hit first)

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4 responses to “sugar hit 2011: shangri-la hotel

  1. very disappointing! the sugar hit is getting worse by the year just like the mix cafe upstairs. half-hearted dessert and half-hearted service. will never return for such overrated crap.

  2. I hope everyone’s having fun at the Sugar Hits. I know I am.

    I agree that the service was terrible there. I expected a lot more. They did not introduce the six items so I had to ask them to tell me what was on the plate.

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