how do i get my hk$6,000 cash handout?

See if you’re eligible, and if you are, I have also provided the links to the registration forms. [This post was updated on 24 April 2012 (updates in blue)]

On 2 March 2011, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary announced a HK$6,000 cash handout to all residents as part of the city’s 2011-12 budget. Hong Kong’s budget was approved by the Legislative Council (LegCo) in April, and the funds required to initiate this scheme in July.

How much would $6000 get you in Hong Kong? (Flickr user: maciejk)

The questions everyone now wants answered are: am I entitled to the handout, and if so, how do I get it?

Hong Kong’s government has submitted to LegCo its proposed implementation framework, called “Scheme $6,000” (“$6,000 計劃”). The Hong Kong Government has established a new website called “Scheme $6,000” in both Chinese and English. Check it out, or check out my summary of it below.

Question 1: Am I eligible?
You are eligible for the cash handout if before 31 March 2012:

  • you are over 18 years of age, and
  • is a permanent resident of Hong Kong who is in possession of a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (香港永久性居民身份證/HKPIC), or
  • has submitted an application to obtain a HKPIC and it is approved before 31 December 2012.

If you hold a non-permanent identity card (非永久性居民身份證), that is, if your identity card says “Hong Kong Identity Card” (香港居民身份證), you are not eligible for the cash handout.

Check out the “Eligibility Criteria” section of the “Scheme $6,000” website here in Chinese or English.

Question 1a: What if I don’t turn 18 before registration starts?
If you are eligible but you turn 18 between 29 August 2011 and 31 March 2012, you will need to register for the payout between 1 April 2012 and 31 December 2012. You will not get the HK$200 bonus.

Question 1b: What is this bonus HK$200?
If you choose to register for the payout between 1 April 2012 and 31 December 2012 instead of during the main round in the timeframes described above, the government will give you an additional HK$200 bonus.

The earliest HK$6,200 handout in this cycle will be in mid-May 2012.

However, with inflation in Hong Kong at 4.6% (April 2011), there is absolutely no benefit in receiving the additional bonus of $200 (3.3%). [Correction: note that the 4.6% is a per annum figure, and the delay in receiving the bonus is only approximately 6 months]

Question 2: When will I need to register?
Registration will commence on 28 August 2011 and close on 31 March 2012.

Registration dates are as below:

  1. From 28 August 2011 – those born on 1946 or earlier
  2. From 11 September 2011 – those born between 1947 and 1956
  3. From 25 September 2011 – those born between 1957 and 1966
  4. From 9 October 2011 – those born between 1967 and 1981
  5. From 23 October 2011 – those born between 1982 and 1993

[Comment:] Everyone that is eligible can now register and you will get HK$6,200 (see question 1b). The cash handout should be given around ten weeks after registration.

Check out the “Timetable” section of the “Scheme $6,000” website here in Chinese or English.

Question 3: I have a bank account. How do I register?
If you have a local Hong Kong dollar bank account in your sole name, you will get your cash handout paid directly into your bank account. Joint bank accounts will not be accepted.

You can obtain a registration form from the “Scheme $6,000” website here in English or Chinese (from 22 August 2011) or from the local branches of 21 retail banks. Another way is to log into your selected bank’s e-banking system and submitting it electronically (only 14 banks offer this).

When you complete and sign the form, you can submit it through the following ways:

  • drop boxes located at any branch of your selected bank,
  • mailing the form to G.P.O. Box No. 186000, Hong Kong General Post Office (indicate the name of the designated bank on the envelope for easy processing).

You do not need to submit your registration form in person at bank counters.

The handout will be paid directly into your designated bank account upon confirmation of eligibility. For more information on how to register go here for English or Chinese.

Question 3a: I don’t have a bank account. How do I register?
If you do not have a local Hong Kong dollar bank account in your sole name, you will get your cash handout through a Hong Kong post office.

Firstly, you obtain a registration form from the “Scheme $6,000” website here in English or Chinese (from 22 August 2011) or from post offices and other selected government offices.

Then you complete and sign the form then submit it through the following ways:

  • drop boxes located in any post office, or
  • mailing the form to G.P.O. Box No.186000, Hong Kong General Post Office.

You do not need to submit your registration form in person at post offices.

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be notified by post within three months after registration, to collect the cheque within a designated period at your specified post office.

Your cheque can then be cashed at any Standard Chartered Bank branch. You have one year to collect your cheque after notification.

You will be asked to show your HKPIC when collecting the cheque for identity verification purposes, so you will need to pick up your cheque in person. You cannot ask someone to collect it on your behalf.

Registrants who want to enquire about the status of their registrations after submission may contact the Hongkong Post at 2365 2727 (Hong Kong telephone number). Unsuccessful registrants will be notified in writing.

For more information go here for English or Chinese.

To contact someone about Scheme 6000, call 186 000 (in Hong Kong) or email This was taken from the Contact Us webpage.

References: HK CSD, The Standard, 星島日報, 明報, 明報, “Scheme $6,000”


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  1. thx for this! So you have to register in person? Well i guess i can since i’m going to HK at the end of the year. But do you know if you have to pick it up in person as well? Or can you get someone else to get it for you?

  2. Thanks for your comments!

    The answer to your question is yes. You do need to pick it up in person because they will verify your identity with your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.

    However, do remember that this is still a government proposal at this stage.

    I have added more detail into the post to further clarify this issue.

  3. can i get a form from the web and post it directly to the post office in hong kong and ask somebody else on my behalf to collect the money for me, coz i don’t have an account in hong kong and i live in the uk.

  4. Hi Randy,

    Well I take it you don’t have a bank account in Hong Kong given you’re going the post office route. In that case, the current proposal states that you would need to collect the money personally because they will verify your identity with your HKPIC at the time of collection and cashing.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for your post. It is very helpful. Just to clarify a bit more, I can download the form from the web, post it to the post office in HK, then, go back personally to collect the cheque right?

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. Hi Ros,

    The proposal allows you to do that. However, whether or not that’s what the government decides upon is another story. I’ll update the post when a decision is made.

  7. Hi I will be very much grateful if any one could answer my question. Like presently I am living in the uk,I have a bank account in the hong kong,so what is the process to apply , like can I get form through web or post office then send back to hong kong for to register. Thanks

  8. you forget that 4.6% is a yearly inflation rate and the 3.3% interest would be for leaving your $6k for less than a year, maybe as little as just 7 months

  9. It’s no wonder I’m not a banker or accountant then. Thanks for pointing that out. In that case, you’re probably a little better off in the books, but given that you have to wait so much longer, I don’t know if you’d practically feel it.

  10. Dear Benny
    I have booked to arrived Hong Kong just 3 days after my age legibility period for registration. Would that be a problem? Should I change my flight shedule?

  11. Hi May,

    My only advice is for you to read carefully how you will need to register, and if you do need to be there in person, then between what dates.

  12. Hey Benny,

    I have been told for people who are living overseas currently can be registered on-line, if that’s the case, would you be able to post up the web link by any chance?

    Many thanks .

  13. Anyone know how long the post office will hold the cheque for?? I get that it should arrive within 3 months of registration… but I live overseas and it’s not that convenient for me to pick up and fly to HK. lol

  14. Yeah, I found it: “The cheques will be available at post offices for at most one year starting from the issuance of the notifications”

  15. hi benny,
    i don’t have a bank account in h.k., but can i open a 香港上海匯豐銀行 account oversea, an get the money through it?

  16. It needs to be a local HK bank account. So in other words, you can’t open an HSBC account in say, Australia, and have the $6,000 paid into that.

  17. Dear Benny,

    I have a joint HK bank account with my brother. Can I use this account to collect the $6000?

  18. Dear Ben, you’d been of GREAT help ! Appreciated your informative sharings for me especially, residing overseas. ThanKs million, Lydia

  19. Dear Benny, I’m in Australia but am going back in Sept, so I should be able to hand in the registration form in to the post office as I dont have a bank a/c in HK. Will they send the cheque out overseas and then I go back next time to collect, or wil it be at post office in HK waiting for me to pick it up??
    Hope you can help me…

  20. Thanks for your comments. I have provided the links to the forms above.

    Wai, the papers say “sole name”, so I would interpret that to mean that you won’t be able to use the account you have with your brother.

    Peter, the cheque will be made available only at the designated HK post office for you to personally pick up.

  21. HI Officer in charge,
    I have been working in Hong Kong from 18-05-92 till 12-12-97. And I hold a HKID, will I be eligible for the $6000. Hearing from you. Thank you. Joy.

  22. “I have been working in Hong Kong from 18-05-92 till 12-12-97. And I hold a HKID, will I be eligible for the $6000. Hearing from you. Thank you. Joy.”
    You need the HKPIC that was issued after 2003.

  23. “Will they send the cheque out overseas and then I go back next time to collect, or wil it be at post office in HK waiting for me to pick it up??”
    If you go back to Hong Kong, why don’t you open an account over there instead?

  24. Hi Benny ,

    Iam not a permanent HK id holder , but i would be completing my 7 year tenure on March-31st-2012, am i eligible for the handout even though i apply for my permanent HK Id somewhere in April . Thanks

  25. Hi Benny
    My wife and I have a joint a/c in a bank in Hongkong.
    Can my wife and I request the $6,000 be deposited into this joint account?

  26. Hi Benny
    My wife and I have a joint account in a bank in Hong Kong.
    Can my wife and I request the $6,000 be deposited into our joint account?

  27. Hi everyone, Just to be clear, I’m not an officer or representative of the Hong Kong government. My advice to you comes from information that is publicly available via the Hong Kong government website.

    In relation to bank accounts, the website only mentions sole name. Once again, I would interpret that to not mean joint accounts. I think this point has been made quite clear.

    With respect to delaying payment, I have not come across any material that relates to that. You may want to contact the relevant Hong Kong government representative, or check out the FAQ here:

    Garry, in relation to your eligibility, you may wish to check this out:

    I suggest everyone check out the the Scheme $6,000 website through the links I have provided. It will answer all your questions about the handout.


    T CHAN

  29. All in uppercast… so rude, especially as Benny is doing his best to answer lots of questions that you guys/gals could just goooooogle!
    Get a life, T CHAN!

  30. Thanks everyone for your support, and Jay-P as well. I’ve tried to place all the information together in the one place for your convenience.

    If you have any further questions, you may wish to contact the Hong Kong government directly for an accurate and quick response. My blog is only a guide and I try my best to answer your questions quickly but I am not always available to do that.

  31. Benny, thanks so much for this thoughtful guide!

    Just one question though – how feasible would it to be to open a HK bank account in Hong Kong, when you have no proof of address other than your parents’ place? 🙂

  32. This scheme confirms two things for me – the HK government are utter morons for wasting taxpayers money and the people who wants the money are blood suckers for taking it as most are not taxpayers.
    It should go into the community to support hospitals (but not mainland baby machines), the elderly and poor rather than a bunch of ex HK who just want the freebie.

  33. Hi almost witty, I’m not actually sure the information you need to open a bank account in Hong Kong, so I don’t know the answer to that. I suggest that you contact a bank and find out straight from them.

    Mr Smiles, I think that as long as the people that receive the money actually spend the money, then it has achieved its aim. Whether or not that will happen is another story. Like anywhere, there are always other things or people that seem to be more deserving of public funds. That balance is hard to achieve.

  34. Hi Benny,

    Thanks for such an easy-to-read recap of the scheme itself. I live overseas so I only heard this through word-of-mouth and I feel as though I’m quite in the dark. I just have one question: I spoke to my mum about it and apparently I have a “junior” HKID card. I recently turned 18 in the beginning of this year and she also said it’s compulsory for me to obtain a “senior” HKID card. My question is, has the government or scheme said anything about this at all? Like, is it possible for me to use my “junior” card to qualify or do I need an adult one?

    If I could use the junior one, it would be fabulous because I’d just need to work out how to open an account and register months ahead of my potential trip over there later this year. Then again, I have no idea whether I can open an account while overseas, haha.

    Anyway, thanks!

  35. Nevermind, I checked the FAQs on the main site and got my answer! (Sorry for not checking before commenting :P)

    Though, do you happen to know whether you can open bank accounts overseas/online? 🙂

  36. I have read all the above cases, unfortunately, I still can’t get the answer of mine; can I get the check on behalf of my sons (they are living overseas)with their ORIGINAL HK permanent ids and true signature of their authorizations letter. Appreciated.

  37. Holina, from what I have read, I don’t think that an authorisation letter is enough. They will need to be there to pick it up in person. Prue, please refer to my section on eligibility and click through to the Scheme $6,000 for further information. Thanks for reading, Bianca! I’m not sure what the procedure is for opening bank accounts.

    If you have any further questions, please contact the relevant Hong Kong government representative, or check out the FAQ here:

  38. hi
    can i send my filled up registration form in the scanned format to my parents (as i am not in HK right now) and then they will post it to the appropriate place. But yeah, i do have a bank account.

  39. Mr Smiles..How intriguing your comment is, considering I am an ex HK and living abroad so for me to receive this money I will have to spend £600 for flight, £500 for hotel and also x amount of spending money just to receive the HK$6000 so you tell me who is the clever one here, the HK government making us spend money in HK or the ex HK blood suckers???

  40. Thanks for reading, Momo.

    Yes Anonymous, I’m in Australia and I agree with you that there is little benefit after cost. The HK government knows that many people reside abroad especially after 1997, but for all intents and purposes this $6,000 is really for the people actually living in Hong Kong. Obviously, how the government should spent its money is beyond what this article is about, but it is a good discussion point.

  41. hi thr,
    1st of all thank u so much for putting this post up, really appriciate it however i’m still a bit confused. i am hk’s permanent citizen. i’ve got my HKPIC but i’m in uk atm for education purpose. my whole family is back thr in hk, it’s jst me here n i dnt hab any sort of bank account in hk so dos that mean i’m nt eligible for the $6000? or if i am how do i get it? can i open hk bank account from uk? i’m so lost plz plz plz help me!!!! some1 plz help me. i need a solid truth bout this. plz some1 help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u can email at plzzzz i need to know ths plz.
    thank u,

  42. Hi Ms Confused, it’s really quite simple. No matter where you are, if you are eligible, then just follow the steps to register within your designated timeframe. Hope that helps!

  43. My parents live in the USA and have permanent HK ID cards. Is it possible to open a HK bank account online with a US address so they can apply for the 6000 payment and have the money deposited into that bank account and then transfer it to a US bank account online? That way they don’t have to actually travel to HK. Is this possible?

  44. I don’t know whether we would need to declare the $6,000 as income with the ATO. I think not, but I’m no expert in tax.

    Also, I don’t know the process of opening bank accounts, so you should speak to the bank you’re thinking of banking with.

    In terms of filling the forms online, if you mean doing it through your bank’s e-banking system, then that’s allowable. Otherwise, you have to follow the instructions on submitting the form.

    Hope it helps!

  45. Hi,
    I am live in New York, and hold HK Smart ID.
    Do you know which oversea branch of local bank(like HSBC) can help HKID holder in New York to collect the SCHEME$6000?
    I prefer to pay some process fee.
    Thank you for you help

  46. Benny: Thank you very much for all the information you provided. It’s been very helpful.
    K.A.M.: I heard the HKSB in Chinatown, New York charges US$250 service fees for opening a Hong Kong account. You may want to check out if that is true.

  47. Benny’s Gr8. Round of applause for him.
    I am not ashame of taking the 6000. I live in the UK and I take about 50 friends to visit HK every couple of years. We all spend loads of moneys wining and dining. I don’t have a HK Bank account under my sole name. HSBC cancelled my account years ago on the reason of non-activity. BUT My cunning plan is:
    Register by post to GPO at least four month before we (me & my two daughters all have HKPID) shall go to HK. In fact I plan to register after April 2012 to get 6200. I’ll put my sister’s address and telephone no in the forms, which is allowed. If you do not even have a HK contact address and tel, you may as well not claim. Get a cheap flight to get there. It will take the post office about 12 weeks to process my cheque which they will hold for me for 1 year. While we are there get the cheque and cash it at a Chartered Bank, then spend them all. It should help the economy, may not help the inflation. KC&SUN

  48. By the way to Mr/Ms Anonymous, As a honest person. you should declare the $6000 income with the ATO.

  49. Hello Benny

    I actually I live in Australia as well and I tried to search an answer that I could not find or has been answered so I will ask here.

    I do not have a bank account in HK & wish to recieve the payment in the HK post office as I plan to go back to HK end of the year anyways BUT the question is, after I submitted and dropped off the form in the local post office, HOW LONG will it take for me to get notified that the payment is ready to be recieved?

    The reason why I ask is because I am staying in Hong Kong for probably around 2 weeks and I don’t know if I have enough time to recieve the response notifying me that the payment is ready to be recieved. Or it takes around 1 week to proceed? (Hope so)

    Your answer will be greatly appreciated

  50. Thank you VERY much for a very helpful blog.
    For information the registration can be done online for HSBC customers and maybe other banks.

  51. HI
    I have HSBC Hong Kong bank account but I live in UK.

    I saw that I can register it online through hsbc hk website, but do I need to be in HK to collect the money or the money will be paid automatically into my back accounts directly ?


  52. Thank you everyone for your positive comments. I’m glad you’re all finding this useful. Just bear in mind that it’s always best to go back to the HK government’s website for the most definitive answers to your questions.

    Jessica, the HK government’s website says: “Registrants confirmed to have met the eligibility criteria will be notified by post to collect cheque at the post office selected in around 12 weeks after registration”

    David, I am led to believe that if you register through your bank’s online banking facility, then the money would be paid directly into your account.

  53. My partner and I stumbled over here different page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

  54. Hi Benny, I have the HKPIC but now reside in England and won’t be back before December 2012. Will I still be able to get this grant via the mail if I go to the Cheque option?


  55. Nevermind, I checked the FAQs on the main site and got my answer! (Sorry for not checking before commenting )

  56. Hi, What are the chance of the government backing out of this if you chose to registered from 1/4/2012 ?

  57. Hi Ben,

    I am living in US and renewing my SAR passport & Permanent ID thru local Chinese Embassy office. Can I download the register form online and send it back to HK Post Office, and pick up the cheque in February or later in 2012?

    I would be very appreciated for your advise.


  58. Hi ben

    my dad have’nt receive his 6thou and he’s expecting it thru post office since he does not have a personal atm acct. my mom already received hers thru her atm. my question is should my dad go to the post office to pick it up or do he have to wait for any notifications thru the post office?thanks hope u cud help me with this thanks again@

  59. hi benny
    i’ve heard that you can open an account in Bank of china (London chinatown branch) and the money will be transferred straight to that account.
    do you have any links to confirm this?
    many thanks

  60. Just spoke to the NY branch of Bank of China. You need to open an account with a min of $500 plus $60 witness fee so that the BoC can forward all relevant documents to Hong Kong. You can do the same in London.

  61. hi i live in the uk and i recently went to the bank of china in Birmingham and applied for this money. they sent off the forms a couple of weeks later i had a phone call from hong kong asking me questions about this money. i passed and i received two documents through the post. one had my account number and the other had exchange rates. what do i do next?do i need to print off the forms and register then post them to hong kong. ideally i would like the money transfered straight into my hsbc account in the uk. can someone please give me advice?

  62. Hi Benny,
    Overseas with perm HKID owes Std Chartered Bank money over 15 yrs ago.
    Would that be an issue to be caution about? Could that be checked/matched against my ancient records at the bank?

  63. Hi everyone, from the comments it seems like many people are finding methods to open bank accounts offshore in order to get the handout paid directly into it. Remember, the process is clearly outlined in the post above, so please go through it slowly before asking questions.

    If you have registered, then it’s just a waiting game to find out if you’re eligible and ultimately have the handout paid to you.

  64. I live in Canada, but born in Hong Kong, and I dont plan on going back to Hong Kong anytime soon. Is there a way to get the $6000 without going back?? Please help.

  65. Hi Benny,
    I was born in HongKong and over 21 yr old. I live overseas. I got my new HKPID in Oct. 2011 when I was in a trip to HongKong and submitted the application form for $6000 to a Citibank local branch which I have bank account with. Since I haven’t received the fund to my account yet, do you know how I can check my status? Do you know the phone for the department that handles this matter?

  66. Hi everyone,

    I just want to clarify one thing. Since I’m British citizen with permanent HK ID, with no HK bank account, we can just go to HK post office to claim it? Do we need to fill in the form or just show our ID to claim 6000 HKD?


  67. I was born in HK and have the older “3 star green” HK ID card and have not been back there since 2003. Is there any way I can replace the older card with a smart card and get the rebate locally here in California without going back to HK?

  68. HSBC in London opened a HK bank account from London Branch (took me 3 visits for someone to say it was possible). It costed 100 quid. Still waiting for an update from HK. But you DONT need to go to HK.

  69. doe’s anyone know what i will need to do i have a hk bank account and im eligable, how do i apply to get it put into my hk bank account? im in another country but will be in hk in may 2012 or can i pick up the cheque in hk( i’ll be in hk for only 5 days though) and i can’t read or speak chinese.
    your help will be most appreciated

    thanks joseph

  70. So if I was born in Hong Kong but am currently a US Citizen living in the US. Is it possible to get this money? Do I have to have to get a HKPIC in order to collect this money?

  71. First off, I must say a big thank you to Benny for his information in regards to the Scheme 6000. I just thought that the Scheme 6000 website should have more detailed information (for both local and overseas) as well to carry some of the heavy load off inquiries here.

    I’ll give my helping hand from my experiences to my fellow Chinese Canadians. (Hopefully other citizens around the world can help each other out as well).

    I have the HK smart card. From what I know is that this is the card that can grant you the Scheme 6000.
    Now, go to:
    The list there will show all applicable banks, find one of those banks in your area to open up an account with you as the “sole name” holder, (no shared accounts). The bank that I opened an account with was Bank Of China.

    You will need to bring your HK Smart Card and Canadian Driver’s license. There will be a small fee for the participating bank to open up an account.

    After that, the Bank Of China HK will call you (yes, they will call you long distance, so don’t pick up and hang up). (To the CBCs: learn some small Chinese as well if you don’t know because they will ask you questions) to verify your personal information for screening purposes. So please don’t make up shit, we are all one big Asian family. We should be proud of Hong Kong for permitting “us” the grants as well.

    You will then receive a mail from HK that has your newly opened Bank Account number (don’t lose this mail). Print out the form in A4 size supplied from the Scheme 6000 website, fill out your information and the supplied “account number”, mail it to G.P.O. Box No. 186000, Hong Kong General Post Office.

    There, you will wait for HK to transfer the funds to your local new bank account. You pick up the $6000 converted to Canadian Currency, (don’t know if it’s by cheque or you may have to transfer that amount to your normal bank account..etc). I am currently at this stage right now. Was thinking doing Online Banking but login information doesn’t work.

    Your local participating bank tellers should be able to help you, if they don’t quite understand your inquiries in English then you can just say to them that it’s a bank in “Canada”.

    Just be “patient” because other “China-Big Six’s” have no respect for budding in line when I waited “in line” to go through these steps for the Scheme 6000. Your local banks should or could be better.

  72. For those that have a local Hong Kong bank account you should see if there is a link online.

    I have an account at HSBC, one day I was doing some online banking and they had a link there to claim my 6,000. All I had to do was fill in a very short form (as far as I remember it asked me what account I wanted the money in and to tick the box confirming I was a permanent resident and for my ID card details, and they confirmed it was received. Then a couple of weeks later it was deposited in my HSBC account.

  73. I have received the letter to claim the $$ before 15May. And I read from above that I have actually up to 1 year to claim the money. So, what if I am not able to go back to HK before 15May, can I still claim the money, e.g say in July ?

  74. Dear Benny,

    Thank u so much for this very usefull site with a lot of information.

    My Dad & Bro don’t have a bankaccount in Hongkong so they choose the option to pick up the money in HK in person. But because we live overseas (The Netherlands) and for some personal reason my dad & bro can’t fly over to HK in time (before 15 may). Now they are looking for a way to change the option into deposit the 6000 hk dollar to a Bank of China account which we can open here so they don’t have to pick up the money in person in Hongkong. Now I’m wondering if there’s a form to change the option they choose in the first place. No one can answer my question here in The Netherlands. Can someone please help me?
    Thank you in advance 😀

  75. Hallo Sara from Nederlands,

    Call to your toll-free HSBC in Holland. (For example, in USA is 1-877-850-4722) and ask for International banking center regarding opening an oversea account—Hong Kong, or you can say regarding the $6000HKD. Then they will ask you for your email address and email you all the PDFs along with your application ID for an oversea/Hong Kong account. After you filled the paper (about 5 PDFs attachments) you can either mail them back or bring them to you local HSBC bank in Holland with your application ID numbers. The fee for this is $200 US dollar if you don’t have a HSBC Premier account ($100K minimum).

    Remember to ask for International banking center! If not, they will just tell you they don’t know anything about the $6000 HKD. Only the international one knows all about it.

    Hope this help!

    Jeanie from Los Angeles

  76. Hi Jeani from LA,

    Thank you for your comment anyway 🙂
    The info you gave me is very helpful as step 2.
    If someone can help me with step 1 (a form to change the option we pick at the first place) I would be very grateful 🙂

  77. Hi, I live in U.S. I spoke to the HSBC, in order to open a oversea account, it will take 2 to 4 weeks. If I try to open the account today, Am I able to meet the dead line of March 31, 2012? What is the Step 2 for? (Start at April 1,2012)

    Thank you.

  78. Hiya,
    I was just wondering, I already opened and registered for an account in Bank of China in London, and basically they told me once the people rang me to confirm my identity, they would send my bank account details over and all I have to do is submit the form after, but what I’m concerned with is once I submit that form, that means I can’t get that money until I go to Hong Kong even with opening an account with bank of china?

    Thank you.

  79. Hi everyone, sorry I’m unable to answer all your questions here, especially the specific ones about banking. Thanks to all those who have also been helping out the commenters too.

    My own personal experience: despite living in Sydney, I already have a bank account in Hong Kong so I will submit my application electronically via e-banking after April 1. The rest of my family don’t have bank accounts so they will complete the forms to get the payout through the post offices. My understanding is that you have one year to go collect from when the money is made available to you. I’m sure that is enough incentive for them to go back to Hong Kong within the next 12-15 months.

  80. Hi Ben and everyone else,

    One thing is very tricky and I found out from my parents just few days ago because it happened to them. The post offices do hold the checks for you for up to one year. BUT, the check only valid for 6 months from the date it processed. So in my parents case, since they live in Shanghai, they are going to Hong Kong post offices and pick up the checks within 6 months.


  81. I have registered to open an account with Bank Of China (london), but I have been told it is the decision of Bank Of China (Hong Kong) to decide if the account can be opened. It will take 3-4 weeks before the bank in Hong Kong will call you to confirm your identity and you will get a written confirmation that the account is opened. Once you got that then you still have to fill in a form to request the HK S6000 from the government to be paid into that account. Please note that Bank of China in London does charge £60 fee to do the paperwork but they can not guarantee that your account will be opened. They told me the success rate of your account being opened is 99%. The fee is non-refundable if they decide not to open an account for you.


    If I do not meet the dead line of March 31, 2012, then it will be possible for me to meet the second round start at April 1,2012?

    -Im born in year 1987.
    -I have the HKPID – as Im half chinese – and born in Hongkong
    – My last visit in HK was in 2005
    -I dont have a bank account in HongKong – But Im planning on going back when possible – as I have family living there.

    Hope someone can answer my question. 🙂


    Regards from Denmark

  83. Does anyone know if any australia bank have agreement in place that allows the opening of account & have this $6k deposit in without going back to HK?
    Many thanks in advance.

  84. “” Please send an email to this id and get a perfect answer for all your questions as we are all posting our own experience only.

  85. Hi Benny, I have everything ready but I don’t have time to go to Hong Kong.
    Which mail address I send my form to Hong Kong Government. Is it Hong Kong GPO Box 186000. I have Bank of China account and I can collect $6000.00 in Vancouver, Canada.

  86. Hi, My Grandma and Grandpa wants to retrieve the money from Hong Kong. Were here in NewYork, So they only have bank account here in the US. How are they suppose to retrieve the money?

  87. Hi everyone, I’m not able to answer your questions individually and hope that this post has been helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

    Try reading some comments from previous commenters to see if you can find your answer there. Alternatively, as Ahsan quite rightly pointed out, there is an official email address you can use to direct your questions to:

  88. You can open a local hkg account from Bank of China with a small admin fee or via HSBC International again with a small charge. If you are a HSBC premier account holder then it is free.

  89. Hi,

    I’m planning on going to HK beginning of October 2012. I don’t have a HK account. Will there be enough time for me to open a bank account in HK and collect the $6000 before the deadline of 31 December 2012?

    I’ve read that Bank of China in London have stopped opening HK accounts for a £60 fee. If that’s the case, I’m stuffed!

    Reading Kitster’s post above, I prefer to open an HSBC account but need to get more info on this.

  90. Just a quick update, I called HSBC in Chinatown in London and was told they can open an account in HK for me (same process as BoC). I was also told you *could* go to any HSBC and they should do the same.

    The fee is slightly higher at £100 but I don’t see any other option. You need to take all IDs with you and they will then liaise with the HK branch.

    After a week or two HK will contact you and go through some security details and confirm your new account.

    Now you can start the scheme application! I hope it’s as ‘easy’ as that….

  91. I hope it’s that easy too, Oxo! Good luck. There should still be plenty of time to get your application in.

  92. Hi Benny,
    Your web pages are full of good info and can see that you are such a star in helping others who you don’t even know!!! Just wish there’re more kind people like you.
    Your valuable info (and others that were triggered by yours) provided a lot of help.
    THANK YOU!!!
    I myself will try to approach HSBC international and see where they’ll get me… 🙂

  93. Hello
    thank you for the information

    but i do not see the information about how to transfer it to europe that money? where can i find this?

    becaus eit says that when you take it from the post office, on the pdf it shows only post office in HK not in international ones like western union or others…

    thank you again

    I will only be able to go to HK as from end september 2012 onwards… So will I have time to do everything? before it ends 31 december 2012

  94. Sorry I just read the other posts, so DO have to be in HONG KONG THEN, there is no international transfer THX

  95. OXO / SARA have you heard maybe for people living in the Netherlands/France/Belgium how we need to apply for it overseas, we do not have HSBC or Bank of China in Belgium from what I know…
    I should stop posting this is a lot of info in one evening…why is it so complicated for overseas people, HK gov should net time, if ther eis one, give info about international situations….

  96. Hi JYHK, I don’t think that it’s the HK government making it hard for eligible people overseas to get the handout, but that the handout is really meant to be for the people of HK. At the end of the day, the point of this stimulus injection is to stimulate the local HK economy. Taking the money offshore really defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

  97. JYHK, as far as I can see, HSBC operates worldwide and has offices in all the major countries. Have a look at their site: then click on ‘More local sites’ above the world map.

    In terms of transfer, I’m sure you can this from the HK account to “another account somewhere” online. There will be a charge however.

  98. Hi Benny,
    I was born in Honk Kong in September 1975 and left HK with my
    family to the Philppines and I got my HK Identity card then, do I qualify?

  99. helllo there .. i am also one of hong kong citizen. i got permament id card of hong kong. but now i am not living in hk i am living at uk .from uk how can i apply to get the ,money where can i get the form ??? thanks ….

  100. Hiya
    I have applied and got a cheque for scheme 6000. I am in UK now, Can I get this money while depositing cheque in Bank of China in UK.
    Many Thanks

  101. I mailed my application from Singapore more than 1 month ago. When can I expect a reply from the authorities?

  102. My son is holding Hong Kong Permanent resident in child ID. He came to the united state for college. He plan to renew the HKID this year to adult id. Can he apply the $6000 handout before going back to hto

  103. I opened a BOC account from London and have managed to login to Internet banking but because I don’t have a local HK phone number it won’t accept my application for the HKD6000. Has anyone else had the same problem and how did you get round it?

  104. Hey, how long does it take to get that cheque? Its written something around ten weeks, but do you have any experiences with? Maybe less then ten weeks?

  105. Found out that Bank of China UK has an account opening witness service for the “HK$6000” issue. See:
    This will enable UK citizen to transfer the money to UK, so one do not need to travel to HK. Other countries may have similar services, but other deadlines. The branch in Netherlands for example, has ended this service at 20th of June 2012. As in live in Netherlands, do anyone knows a way for me to apply for the 6000HK dollar without travelling to Hong Kong?

  106. Hi all, approx how long do you have to wait after submitting the application form for the funds to arrive? 🙂 Thanks John

  107. Hi everyone, I’m not able to answer your questions individually and hope that this post has been helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

    Try reading some comments from previous commenters to see if you can find your answer there. Alternatively, there is an official email address you can use to direct your questions to:

  108. In October 2011 Bank of China (UK) Limited launched the “HK$6000” Account Opening Witness Service, open to all UK based Hong Kong citizens who were eligible to claim HK$6,000 under the $6,000 scheme from the Hong Kong Government.  With valid Hong Kong Smart ID, those UK based Hong Kong citizens could open a Bank of China Hong Kong bank account from the UK and claim HK$6,000 through the above service without going back to Hong Kong.

    As arranged by Bank of China Hong Kong, Bank of China (UK) Limited UK branches will no longer offer this service from close of business on Friday 28 September 2012. Therefore UK based Hong Kong citizens who may need the service should apply as early as possible before the above date. For more details, please call 0845 602 7083.

  109. hi anonymous,
    thanks for the information about applying from london. do you know if there is a similar deadline for registrations from HSBC?

  110. hi benny,

    thanks a lot for this page!
    i just got my confirmation. it says i must be at the post office before may 18th 2013 for encashment. i am surprosed about that as i thought i’d have 1 year time after the confirmation arrives. is there any way i can postpone the date?

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