chatime tests positive to dehp contamination

[Updated] On 31 May 2011, Chatime Taiwan, and on 1 June 2011, Chatime Australia, announced on their websites that the relevant food authorities in Hong Kong and Taiwan have cleared its drinks of DEHP contamination. The Australian website refers to attachments that do not exist. Chatime Australia’s statement goes on to accuse the press of ‘unreal’ coverage bringing about a ‘misleading imagery’.

[Original post] On 28 May 2011, Chatime Taiwan’s passionfruit juice tested positive to DEHP contamination. Read the news story (in Chinese).

Read my blog post on the Taiwanese DEHP food contamination for more information on the crisis engulfing Taiwan and Asia.

Chatime Australia announced on its website that it has temporarily “delisted” its Passion Fruit drink series from all its outlets until further notice. It states that its Tea and Coffee series are all safe for consumption.

The Chatime Australia notice from its website

Easy Way Australia has not published any material on its website relating to the Taiwanese food contamination.

Chatime Taiwan has said in its news update: 日出茶太總部今日(30日)發表聲明,在檢驗報告尚未出爐之前,全省門市暫停供應百香果系列產品,包含百香綠茶、百香冰沙,及先前未公告下架的百香QQ。儘管日出茶太百香QQ採用新鮮原汁,但為避免消費者混淆,總部決定將百香果系列產品全面暫停銷售,待所有的檢驗報告出爐後,再一併重新上架。目前店內仍有銷售的新鮮檸檬系列、金桔系列等商品,均採用新鮮原汁,消費者絕對可以安心食用。

Partial translation: As test results have not yet been released, Chatime Taiwan has temporarily stopped selling its passionfruit range, including passionfruit green tea, passionfruit ice, and passionfruit pearls. So as to prevent consumer confusion, head office has decided to remove these products from sale until such time that the results are released.


7 responses to “chatime tests positive to dehp contamination

  1. cheers for the coverage mate. I heard of this and was having trouble finding info on it!

  2. That’s cool, Ditt. It was just the odd occasion… you should be fine. It’s a cumulative effect.

  3. dehp contamination is just a fact that substandard ingredients were used to make the drinks for sole business purpose and fooling people.

  4. Any updates as to Chatime Australia and the safety of their products now? I really don’t want to be left hanging with Easyway…

  5. Hey Josh, it’s been a few months since the scare and Chatime has since said its drinks were free from the contaminants. No more updates since what I’ve got on this page, Josh. I think it’s as safe as what it was before.

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