check out the expanded food court at westfield sydney

Last Wednesday I visited Westfield Sydney solely to check out the hype surrounding ZARA. (My post on ZARA here).

Inadvertently, I stumbled upon a new selection of food outlets that by virtue of their famous names are worthy of us trying. Let me share this hidden jewel with you before it becomes too popular.

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Level 5
When I first went to Westfield Sydney’s food court at its opening, I was disappointed with how small it was. It made me feel claustrophobic especially with the black colour scheme and low ceilings.

Now the area has doubled in size, with the opening of a further expanse of level 5. This new section includes:

  • Din Tai Fung Dumpling Bar – I couldn’t see them making the dumplings here, but I’m sure they will still taste just as good. You must check out the bags they use.
  • Sassy’s Red, Malaysian by Chinta Ria – I was struck by the retro traditional Asian design of the menu. Then I saw that a laksa only costs a tad over $10. Worth a try.
  • Becasse Bakery – Around the corner is a glass display containing a tempting selection of tarts, pastries and bread. They looked amazing but also had a price tag to match. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but what’s wrong with a little decadence?
  • Chatime – I know that this is very important to many of you. (My post on Chatime vs Easy Way here)

Take a look here for more information on other new places opening. You may be excited to know that Chat Thai and Justin North’s Quarter Twenty One is on this list.

Many of these places should be opened by the end of April 2011.

Level 6
Level 6 is the home of the popular Sky Phoenix Chinese Restaurant. This newly renovated restaurant re-opened last year when Westfield Sydney opened.

It will now share this level with JB Hi-Fi‘s new concept store, which has opened around the corner. The first impression you will get of this store is of the bright lights and the scrolling words. This store is the city’s largest and features an extensive collection of computers, televisions, and anything that you would expect from a JB Hi-Fi, and more. At the moment, it’s a relatively quiet store possibly because no one knows that it exists, and also partly because it is hard to get to. This is a place to check out.


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