high school nerd brings shame to hong kong

This blog has reached post number 100! I am proud to celebrate number 100 by offering you another viral YouTube video straight out of Hong Kong.

Once again, it’s another video taken from a bus in Hong Kong. Nasty videos on public transport are not foreign to Hong Kongers. Remember Bus Uncle (巴士阿叔) and the wailing woman at the airport who missed her flight? Once again, this one embodies ignorance, embarrassment, lack of common courtesy and epitomises shame and indecency. Shame on you boy! This video is called「毒男~~~!(你老師點教你)」(Nerd~~~! How does your teacher teach you?). A warning: you will be disgusted.

This video is about a Form 5 (Year 11) student and his unwillingness to offer the vacant seat next to him to a man waiting beside him. He continuously denies the man the seat and claims that was no seat despite his bag on it. Reluctantly, he offers the seat after being given the stern reality that a seat in fact exists next to him and he can no longer hold out anymore. Afterwards it becomes a shoutfest with some mild coarse language.

The original video has reached nearly one million views. For your convenience, I have found a translated version.

I feel that I must do justice and restore your confidence in Hong Kong people’s attitudes. I cannot say that I know any Hong Konger that is as self-centred and arrogant as he. I am personally embarrassed at his attitude and it sickens me to see his level of selfishness. Now I would only hope he does not make it to Australia like he said. We definitely don’t want you here!


7 responses to “high school nerd brings shame to hong kong

  1. hahaha my frd posted this on fb too
    i found it funnier that it shows how much hongkies like to 小事化大..
    srsly is this worth a video?!

  2. Hong Kongers take videos of every small thing and post it to YouTube. It’s just their way of proving their point by firstly aggravating the situation further whilst recording the whole ordeal, and then finally posting it online for the whole world to see in order to justify and verify their actions. Once the world starts to debate and agree with them, they feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that justice has been done.

  3. i think that guy has mental issues, like perhaps bit of aspergers etc, doesn’t seem quite normal.

  4. Even a bad day is no excuse for bad manners and lack of courtesy like that. Would it KILL him to just move over?! You would think that a 17 year old would know better (his name, age and school are all over YouTube, funnily enough…)

    Now, what do I have to do to get in touch with Customs and get this person barred from coming to Australia?

  5. It doesn’t seem normal, does it? Rather odd that you can act like that in the first place. It apparently does kill him to move over… I actually quite prefer the window seat myself.

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