stampede madness at the world expo

The embarrassment continues at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

The World Expo 2010 made headlines in yesterday’s Hong Kong newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Video footage has today emerged of the stampede that has rumoured to have cost one person’s life at the Expo. Hong Kong’s media is reporting one death. Officials have denied any allegation of death by stampede. Nonetheless, the footage is enough to scare people. Crazy girls are enough to send any sane person running. Combine that with the Chinese’s lack of respect for queuing and order, and you’ve got a potential disaster.

大會稱無人死 SJ世博演出換票掀混亂

The Korean pop concert on 30 May 2010 featured three heavyweights: Super Junior, Kangta and BoA. Each has the potential to sell out stadiums in their own right. That’s the first factor in understanding the reason why a stampede occurred.

The second, and possibly the most important factor is that the cost of a ticket was only RMB 90 with an Expo ticket. That is five times cheaper than the cost of the cheapest Super Junior tickets in their 2009 Shanghai concert.

So what ended up happening? 5,000-10,000 people vied to secure only (depending on which report) 500-2,500 tickets on offer. People were already waiting (not queuing) outside the arena the night before. When the crowd realised that all the tickets had been distributed, they began to get violent, and the sentiment spread throughout the crowd. In the commotion, it was reported that a girl was pushed from the second storey and fell to her death. The stampede caused hundreds to be hospitalised.

See the video to find out how bad the situation became.

The very famous Japanese pop group SMAP is performing in Shanghai on 13 June 2010. Will the same scenes be repeated?

More World Expo 2010 coverage here: Plagiarism at the Expo and Information about the Expo.


5 responses to “stampede madness at the world expo

  1. this is just so dumb
    We see the ugly sides of the Chinese ppl here
    (1) Lack of organisation of the World Expo
    (2) Crazy fan girls with no common sense who started to get violent
    (3) Stupid anti’s who shifted the ‘blame’ to the fan girls for liking Korean pop stars and ‘betraying’ their country and attacking fan sites

    Just how STUPID is this?

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  3. Yeah I know! I agree with Cecilia and Mags in their comments. But Cecilia, what’s with this betraying their country thing? That’s nonsense!

  4. I was actually at the expo when this occurred and I can tell you that such chaos cannot be solely blamed on “fangirls”. The queues, pushing, and disorder was rampant throughout the park and I’m surprised nobody has been hurt earlier. I was only there for 3 days and saw 3 fights break out regarding queues. I saw an old man push over a baby stroller (with baby in it) to get further ahead in the line for the U.S. pavilion. It was disgusting.

  5. Thanks for your first hand account, Jon. I am not surprised at the lack of common courtesy shown by the people there. It’s quite well known and has been parodied in Hong Kong quite funnily enough.

    How did you find the Expo in your time there?

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