tourism australia’s new tv advertisement 2010

Tourism Australia has unveiled the highly anticipated television advertisement as part of the “There’s nothing like Australia” marketing campaign.

The iconic panning images of Australian icons are back, reminiscent of scenes from Qantas advertisements. People are singing too, but much worse than the choir from Qantas. In fact, the singing is absolutely terrible and even people at karaoke are better. I cringe instead of feeling the big urge to go to Australia. I don’t think that was the intended effect. The sweeping panoramas are so overused even the word ‘cliche’ cannot describe. It’s so unoriginal and boring. There is nothing refreshing or inviting. The formula has been used and its effect declines each successive use thereafter.

We are not a land of jumping dolphins, kangaroo swarms, opera singers and over-exaggerated actors. Look at the placement of all the cute and cuddly animals every few cuts. We are now platypuses and whale sharks too! Look how well we have embraced the iPod too. Incredible! It’s designed for the audience of 2010.

Forgive us for we have tried too hard.

Are you eager to come to Australia after seeing this advertisement? Have we sold you our great country?

This campaign will cost $150 million over the next three years.

(Source: Mumbrella)


5 responses to “tourism australia’s new tv advertisement 2010

  1. I must say, that Qantas ad never gets old, eh?

    I mean, those kids are probably like, in their 20s now.. but heck, they’re still playing it every time the Olympics or Commonwealth Games are on. And strangely enough, I still like it..

    But yeah, we have tried too hard this time round…

  2. Qantas is a tradition, and it’s an accepted and embraced tradition forged in national pride. I never grow tired of Qantas ads.

    Unfortunately, the new ad selling Australia is trying too hard to be something that it’s not. It’s disappointing.

  3. Well it could be better, but personally I don’t hate it. It actually makes me want to explore Australia more…and maybe coz I’m just a sucker for these older type ads…i guess some people will like it and some won’t? sure it’s cliche…but that usually attracts me too 😉

  4. That ad is certainly cringe-worthy.

    The “where the bloody hell are you…” ad seems much better

  5. I’m personally not a fan of either ad…

    I love the NZ ads! Makes me really want to get up and go to NZ.

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