why is there bieber mania?

I must admit that before today, much like the rest of the adult population, I really did not have a clue about who Justin Bieber was. I know that he has been a trending topic on Twitter many a time. As I write this post, I still don’t really know who he is, and for once I have not taken the effort to find out. I’m sorry, you will have to do that yourself this time. Although, if it is any consolation I have sought to find a photo of him so at least we can now identify him next time:

Justin Bieber

I have some questions that I just cannot answer, Bieber fans:

  • Why was he the first news item on all television channels tonight?
  • Why have I got that “baby, baby, baby” song stuck in my head?
  • Why did channel 10 show him flick his hair more than ten times on continuous replay?
  • Why did they waste taxpayers money and got the riot squad sent out last night?
  • Why were 5,000 pre-pubescent girls waiting out there in front of the Overseas Passenger Terminal in the early hours of this morning?
  • Why would their parents even let them out and allow them to camp overnight and sleep well at having done so?
  • Why were they exhibiting symptoms of screaming, crying, fainting and hyperventilation?
  • Why do they find him “hot”? (I think she looks like an 8 year old)
  • What is so good about him? (I don’t think he can sing)
  • Has the western world done a backflip and is now approaching “hotness” Japanese style?
  • Why isn’t he at school?
  • Why hasn’t his voice broken yet?
  • Why does he try so hard?
  • What is the big deal?
  • Why do I care?

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