hk tunnel road rage captured on camera (觀塘繞道出機場隧道突發事件)

Following on from 巴士阿叔 (bus uncle) and the crazy woman who missed her flight at the airport, this is the latest in the series of recorded tantrums of Hong Kong people that have been uploaded onto YouTube for all to see.

This time, a person with a car camera happened to catch this drama unfold on 11 April 2010 in the tunnels underneath the old Kai Tak Airport near Kwun Tong.

What you will see are two vehicles: a van and a 靈車 (hearse). Both vehicles are travelling along the tunnel until suddenly the hearse cuts in across the front of the van. Then just as suddenly the hearse turns on its emergency lights and stops. The van suddenly accelerates, then also stops in between the two lanes, holding up all traffic in the tunnel. Then you can see the people from both vehicles angrily get out and retrieve stick-like weapons then proceed to gather in the middle of the road. They are seen to be discussing something. There is no violence and they get back into their cars. The gathering lasted approximately one minute, the tunnel was blocked for about three. Tunnel management can be seen to stop the van at the end.

Police say that the vehicles were stopping illegally in the tunnel.

So much for sudden fits of rage once again caught on camera in Hong Kong! Smile next time you think about blowing your lid – you could be filmed.


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