a guide to myzone: sydney’s new transport ticketing system

Sydney has now commenced the use of MyZone tickets. MyZone was introduced as part of the NSW government’s initiative to streamline and simplify the ticketing system in Sydney, and to provide the foundation for the reintroduction of a smart card.

Amidst the hype surrounding this new system, to say that this is a ticketing revolution would be a gross overstatement. If examined closely, all MyZone has really done is rebrand the current system and reduced some fare bands in the process. In terms of price, most people would be better off except those living close to the city. In terms of simplicity, there is still some way to go.

At least under the new system travel between Kogarah and Hurstville is no longer divided by a yellow and green TravelPass. However notable exclusions include the Airport Line, Monorail and the Light Rail amongst others.

The greatest and possibly the only benefit that MyZone will bring is that it has finally bridged the ticketing divide between public and private buses.

Below is an introduction to the various MyZone tickets. I have not covered MyFerry here.

MyMulti tickets

The MyMulti tickets replace the current TravelPass tickets. All MyMulti tickets allow unlimited travel on buses and ferries. There are three zone boundaries for train travel which will dictate the type of MyMulti you would need to buy:

  • MyMulti 1: train travel is restricted to commutes within 10 km out from the City – border stations are: Chatswood, Croydon, Canterbury and Rockdale ($41)
  • MyMulti 2: train travel is restricted to commutes within 35 km out from the City – border stations are: Hornsby, Seven Hills, Carlingford, Liverpool, Holsworthy, Caringbah and Engadine ($48)
  • MyMulti 3: train travel is unrestricted anywhere on the Cityrail network ($57)
  • MyMulti Unlimited: unlimited train, bus an ferry travel for one day ($20)

Which MyMulti to buy if you used a previous TravelPass:

  • MyMulti 1: blue, orange, Pittwater, 2 Zone and red TravelPass
  • MyMulti 2: green, yellow and pink TravelPass
  • MyMulti 3: purple TravelPass
  • MyMulti Unlimited: Daytripper

The concession price of MyMulti tickets are exactly half the adult fare.

Further  information on MyMulti tickets is available on the MyMulti section of the MyZone website.

MyBus tickets

The MyBus tickets are just rebranded single travel and TravelTen tickets. The fare bands have reduced from five to three fare bands but the sections remain as normal:

  • MyBus 1: $16 (TravelTen) $2 (single ticket) for travel between 1-2 sections
  • MyBus 2: $26.40 (TravelTen) $3.30 (single ticket) for travel between 3-5 sections
  • MyBus 3: $34.40 (TravelTen) $4.30 (single ticket) for travel over 6 sections

Which MyBus TravelTen to buy if you used the prior system of coloured TravelTen tickets:

  • MyBus 1 TravelTen: blue TravelTen
  • MyBus 2 TravelTen: brown TravelTen
  • MyBus 3 TravelTen: red, green and orange TravelTens

These tickets can be used across all public and private buses. The concession price of MyBus TravelTen tickets are exactly half the adult fare.

Private buses will not be fitted with the same green validators seen on government buses. Instead, the MyBus TravelTen tickets will be handmarked by the driver or the MyMulti sighted. The bottom of all TravelTen tickets contain ten sections where the bus driver is able to mark.

Further information on MyBus tickets is available on the MyBus section of the MyZone website.

MyTrain tickets

The MyTrain tickets are also rebranded single (return being two single tickets) and timed (weekly, monthly and so on) tickets. The tickets will reduce the fare bands from twenty to five depending on the length of travel between stations:

  • MyTrain 1: $25 (weekly) $3.20 (single) $4.40 (off peak return) for travel between 0-10 km away from the station
  • MyTrain 2: $31 (weekly) $4.00 (single) $5.40 (off peak return) for travel between 10-20 km away from the station
  • MyTrain 3 $37 (weekly) $4.60 (single) $6.40 (off peak return) for travel between 20-35 km away from the station
  • MyTrain 4: $47 (weekly) $6.00 (single) $8.20 (off peak return) for travel between 35-65 km away from the station
  • MyTrain 5: $56 (weekly) $7.80 (single) $10.80 (off peak return) for travel over 65 km away from the station

The concession price of single and weekly MyTrain tickets are exactly half the adult fare.

Like the previous system, fortnightly tickets continue to be the equivalent of two weekly tickets in price and monthly tickets are the equivalent of four weekly tickets. Discounts are only available when purchasing Quarterly or Yearly tickets. Those train passengers that purchase periodical tickets with selected days of their choice will be disappointed to find out that these have been discontinued.

The “Complete Guide to MyZone Fares” gives a good tip worthy of reiteration here. Try to maximise the value of your MyTrain weekly ticket where possible. It provides that a weekly ticket from Parramatta to City (26.41km) costs the same as one from Parramatta to Artarmon (34.7km) [that is, a MyTrain 3 ticket]. For the same price, you are able to travel much further so why not buy the latter ticket? Station distances can be are available from the Cityrail website.

Further  information on MyTrain tickets is available on the MyTrain section of the MyZone website.

Where to buy the tickets

Selected ticket resellers including post offices, newsagents and pharmacists sell MyMulti (effective from first use) and MyBus tickets.

Cityrail stations will commence sale of MyTrain, selected MyMulti and MyBus tickets from 18 April 2010. Note that stations will only sell the MyMulti ticket valid for the train travel zone in which the station is located.

The MyZone website contains a map showing where to buy MyZone tickets.

All previous tickets will continue to be valid until 30 June 2010. Commuters may exchange their existing longer-term tickets for equivalent MyZone tickets.


13 responses to “a guide to myzone: sydney’s new transport ticketing system

  1. I’ve just started to notice all the ads about the new ticketing system and was about to do a lil search myself and then I stumbled upon your blog – great stuff. That and the theory of the 3rd day of new year!

  2. MyRipoff. How do they get 10km from Asfield to Town Hall? (I assume city distances are all mesured from Circular Quay or the like). This effectively moved my train fares from a red travel pass to Zone 2 – a price hike of around 15%. Why is there no forum for comments on the MyZone website? Why are there not zoned MyMulti day passes? Why are there no rechargeable tickets? There is one clear message from the Sydney Transport – use MyCar.

  3. I’ve always thought cars were a much better option in this city… with public transport in the state it is now, you’re not the only one who has questions that want answered.

  4. Here in Victoria our Labor government has spent the past four years trying to introduce a new ticketing system called ‘myki’ (sound familiar?).
    This is now three years over time and about $1.5 billion dollars over budget.
    Given that your myzone system just seems to be more of a rebranding than anything else can you give me an indication if the implementation of the NSW system has been nearly so shambolic as that of its Vic equivalent?

  5. I have heard about the ‘myki’ system in Melbourne! Does it work well?

    At least for you, full implementation three years late is still better than our government having gone through years of negotiation and testing but yet decided to scrap the ‘Tcard’.

    I think the MyZone rollout will go quite well. To be honest, not much is changing, so they can’t possibly get it wrong. Time will tell.

  6. The obvious problem with the new MyZone system is that there is no MyMulti equivalent of the Travel Ten tickets. Why haven’t they created a single ticket to use on bus, train or ferries without being locked into a purchasing a weekly or monthly ticket? Somedays I want to ride my bike, other days I want to catch a bus, other days I need to catch a bus and two trains. This new ticketing system doesn’t recognise public transport users with a range of requirements. The huge problem in Sydney is the lack of integration between transport modes and the inflexibility of the overall system. MyZone still doesn’t properly address these issues.

  7. Bambu, are you referring to the MyMulti unlimited (previous daytripper ticket)? These can be used on buses, trains and ferries for one day, but it comes at a cost though- $20.

    I think there’s a big lack of intergration in many respects including simple timetabling so that different transport modes connect seemlessly, thus creating more of an incentive to use it.

  8. Benny, I think Bambu is actually referring to a pre-paid MyMulti without a fixed time period. So where the MyMulti unlimited is restricted to that one day, this is over a non-defined period, and like the Travel Ten is a prepaid multi-trip system that is deducted each time with use.

    The only difficulty in implementing such a system is that all the other transport providers would need to convert their ticket-reader machines to something similar to what Sydney Buses have so that the machine is read-write (to keep track of the trips).

    To me, this MyZone project looks like a step towards the direction of an electronic ticketing system. By first simplifying the fare structure, the electronic ticketing system should be easier to implement. But hey, the people of Sydney managed to cope with the harbour bridge AND tunnel going cashless, so I don’t know what’s taking our rail sector so long!

  9. So, just to clarify. That MyMulti3 can be used for prepaid Syndey busses as well? I’m from Gosford, so I don’t know anything about the Sydney busses.

  10. Hi Annie. All MyMulti tickets include unlimited travel on buses across the network. So yes, you can use them on prepaid buses in Sydney.

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