there’s nothing like australia

Paul Hogan used the “shrimp on the barbie” to entice American tourists to Australia in the 1980s. Lara Bingle then asked the now legendary question “so where the bloody hell are you?” in 2006.

After years of backlash following the failed campaign of 2006, Tourism Australia has now launched a new $4 million campaign just ahead of Expo 2010: “there’s nothing like Australia”.

eg. there's nothing like... the steps leading to the water with the two rocks

This time, Tourism Australia will rely on everyday Australians and social networking to spread the good word about Australia. From April 15, we can log onto to upload a picture and description of a memorable holiday destination in Australia, and complete the sentence “there’s nothing like…” for a chance at winning one of eight holidays worth $5,000 or one worth $25,000. More importantly, these photos will form an interactive mosaic of holiday experiences (rather than destinations), hence the importance of our comments providing that extra personal touch. Sounds very online to me.

We shall see this campaign’s level of success in coming months.

I think that the use of “there’s nothing like…” is an interesting play on words. The slogan itself cannot be critiqued in isolation. This campaign’s success will depend on how effectively this slogan is incorporated into the advertisements or posters itself as a concept.


6 responses to “there’s nothing like australia

  1. If you do start writing for any newspaper, leave the captions to someone else, eh? 😛

    But sounds like an interesting campaign… I think they’ll be able to use this one for longer too. The ‘shrimp on the barbie’ sorta got outdated very quickly after the 80s… and I seriously don’t know what they were thinking with the Bingle campaign (not so much her, but the slogan).

  2. It is not at all surprising.

    I would not have expected that they would credit you when they use your photo for promotional purposes. Though if you are truly patriotic, I don’t think it would bother you much.

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