hk menu lost in translation

For those that haven’t seen this buzzing on the Hong Kong forums lately or even the newspaper headlines, this post would surely bring a smile to your face (or make you cringe).

Don’t just think it’s the Chinese mainlanders that can’t get their translations right and is subjected to endless ridicule. It is happening in Hong Kong as well at a restaurant in Tin Shui Wai called 嘉湖海逸酒店滿庭芳海鮮火鍋酒家 (Moon Ting Fong Seafood & Hotpot Restaurant). The menu says it all.

The image is the menu for what can be ordered at hot pot. Now, what did you want to order Sir?

Surely my appetite would all but disappear when I see that 鮮腐皮 (fresh bean curd skin) is 「Fresh skin」. What about how 芝士腸 translates to 「Intestinal cheese」, when in fact it is a cheese sausage.

Then you have this weird translation for 走地雞片 (free-range chicken pieces) which becomes 「Sliced chicken go to」?

Look at how 手打牛丸 (handmade beef balls) becomes 「fresh beef balls hits the hand」! How creative and direct.

I love how 粉絲 (vermicelli) became 「fans」. I’d like to see how the fans like it to be eaten. This one isn’t a translation error per se, it was just used in the wrong context.

However the best translation mistake goes to 「牛柏葉」 (tripe) which became 「Albert Yip」! For those that don’t know Cantonese, the last one is phonetically similar to its translation. That ends the only similarity.

The official line was that they obtained translation advice from a mainland person, most likely a university student. The restaurant has started creating new menus with proper translations. They are expected to be ready for Monday.

If after all this you still want to give this restaurant a try, check out the reviews on OpenRice.


6 responses to “hk menu lost in translation

  1. Doesn’t it make you crave lobster pills, hand pills to fight pork (influenza?), nine fish belly or how about some lines be fried, Benji??

    My personal favourite is the ‘Health Surface’… 😛

    *rolls around on ground laughing*

  2. Thanks for info, Ben. I’m not sure if I can stomach all of it. Don’t mind the pun …

  3. I want some “lines be fried”! hahaha

    What would I do if I didn’t Chinese? Walk straight back out probably…

  4. If you put “Ueno Penny Bacteria” on your “Fresh Skin”, it’s a challenge.
    Plus if you add “Goose Intestine” into your intestine, you’ll create a civil war inside you!
    The “Sliced chicken go to” needs some directions.

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