hong kong food thoughts

All this eating in Hong Kong will surely make even the skinniest person fat. In only a few days, I have consumed such copious amounts of food that one would say would surely last me one week in Sydney. It really is a diverse place with food on literally every corner. The best would be the street food (including the curry fishballs, egg tarts and drinks that you can get on the go). There is even the food that isn’t available back in Australia (like certain fishes and other animals and vegetables). It’s a gastronomic paradise!

It is just non stop eating from day one, so surely one would reasonably expect fatness to ensue.

I thought to leave this post for a moment and then come back to it later, but what a change in events. Since writing this post, I have become sick and have eaten very little. Although having said that, I still have indulged myself in HK-style pot rice, snake soup, and all sorts of strange innards that I would not consider having if not for the fact that I would never have the chance again. Here are some random photos from all over the place:


2 responses to “hong kong food thoughts

  1. OMG!! just seeing all that food makes me feel full right now. Quick! Someone get me a pot of 普洱!!! 😛

  2. Benny =) Hope you are having fun. I hope you aren’t too sick either, you have a long trip ahead of you still!

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