sultry night

It is a very balmy night in Sydney tonight as we close in on midnight on what was the hottest day recorded in Western Sydney this year (Penrith: 42.2°C, Campbelltown: 42.1°C, Bankstown: 41.5°C, Olympic Park: 39.7°C).

If the heat does not recede tonight, Sydney will surely break its highest November minimum temperature (24.8°C recorded in 1967). The average minimum temperature for this time of the year is 16°C, and the maximum is 24°C. It is currently (11:04pm) 31.5°C in the City despite the storms that rolled in earlier this evening. Winds are still coming from the north and are not expected to change until tomorrow for only a brief respite before the Sunday onslaught.

May those of you without air-conditioning sleep well tonight. I know it will be a challenge.

More uncomfortable days ahead with the City expecting 41°C on Sunday, with little respite before the next heatwave sets in mid-next week.


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