nutritional battle: starbucks vs gloria jeans

The topic today is: the nutritional content of drinks from Gloria Jeans and Starbucks. Coffee is something we all drink, but have we ever thought about the nutritional value of an innocent cup of coffee, and how it may impact on us apart from keeping us awake? This topic is especially pertinent nowadays, given people are now more health conscious and the cafe industry has become progressively mass market.

Both Gloria Jeans and Starbucks have conveniently placed pdf documents on their websites detailing the nutritional information of all their drinks. So with nothing further ado, let’s start comparing some selected drinks!

Before I start, the size of the drinks between the franchises are different, so in the examples below, GJ’s regular size equals to 300mL and Starbucks’ tall size is 355mL. All drinks use full cream milk. As well, all the nutritional information in this post applies to food and drink served in Australia only. It may vary in other countries.

Battle 1: Hot Chocolate battle

This battle pips GJ’s hot chocolate against Starbucks’ signature hot chocolate with whipped crea. In this challenge, Starbucks comes out as the ultimate loser with 433 calories (1.21cal/mL) compared to GJ’s 314 calories (1.04cal/mL). In other words, to burn off this after dinner drink over a nice conversation, I would need to jog at 8.5km/h for 45-60 minutes the next day. What is scary is that one Starbucks hot chocolate contains around the same amount of calories as a double cheeseburger (431 cal) or McChicken (418 cal) from McDonalds.

Now let’s look at the amount of sugar. GJ contains 39.5g, which is nearly two teaspoons more than Starbucks’ 36g despite its larger size. GJ’s hot chocolate is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. When it comes to fat, GJ has 11.2g  compared to Starbucks’ 26.1g, which is substantially less.

I think the winner of the hot chocolate battle is… no-one! (too many undesirable statistics)

Battle 2: Cafe Latte battle

Starting off with calories again, Starbucks comes out trumps with 176 calories compared to GJ’s 170 calories. Surprisingly, a latte contains only half the calories of a hot chocolate. In terms of sugar, the result is as expected with lattes having much less sugar, with Starbucks and GJs coming out almost even with 13g and 12g respectively. There is less fat in Starbucks’ lattes too, with 9.2g compared to 9.7g.

I think the winner of the cafe latte battle is… Starbucks!

Spotlight: Green Tea Latte at Starbucks

If I had to pick between having a delicious green tea latte (more delicious in Japan), or a hot chocolate, what would I pick?

In summary, there is 187 calories, 28g of sugar and 5.3g of fat in one tall green tea latte. The answer is now obvious.

I think the winner of the green tea latte vs signature hot chocolate battle is… green tea latte!


The outcomes of these battles are based on my judgment based on their nutritional values, and not taste. When it comes to taste, everyone is their own judge. Happy drinking!


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