hot hot hot

Today’s maximum temperature of 36.9°C is the hottest Sydney day since 24 January 2009 (when it was 41°C). It reached:

  • 39.2°C at Sydney Airport
  • 39.4°C at Olympic Park
  • 38.0°C at Bankstown
  • 38.8°C at Campbelltown
  • 39.4°C at Penrith
  • 38.1°C at Richmond
  • 36.2°C at Terrey Hills

This comes after the coolest and wettest October Sydney has had in years. The average temperature was 21°C and rainfall approximately 180mm, which was double the average.

Tomorrow’s weather as well as that for the rest of the week is cool and wet. Maximum around 21°C and showers until next week.

Trust Cityrail to breakdown on such a hot day without offering any alternative services. Such is the frustration of public transport in Sydney. Luckily there were buses out of Chatswood bound for the City, but that offered little respite for passengers in St Leonards and North Sydney who could not get onto the full buses.


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