azuki pepsi

Pepsi in Japan has released a distinctly Japanese inspired cola flavour for this autumn only. Whoever that has tried the new azuki (red bean) flavoured Pepsi, please tell me what it tastes like. I’d love to know!

It looks like there’s red bean on the bottom of the bottle too…


4 responses to “azuki pepsi

  1. I tried this earlier in the week. It’s less carbonated and surprisingly sweet. I like it! I couldn’t really taste the “red bean” in it though and there were no red beans at the bottom of the bottle which I was happy about since I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat anything red bean-ey…

    I still prefer the Vitamin C Calpis they have here.

    Coke have also released a no-calorie (haha) + fiber drink in Japan. So it’s like coke with fiber? That’s next on my things to try in Japan list. I dunno if they have that in Australia? Prolly not.

  2. That’s really interesting to know- from the look of it, there should have been red beans in it! I am nonetheless not surprised if it didn’t have much red bean flavour in it. Like another pepsi?

    What is vitamin c Calpis? Does it taste nice?

    Fibre Coke? No they don’t have these things here. All we get is passionfruit Fanta as our most fancy…

  3. Yeah, talk about false advertising right? Sorry to disappoint you. To me it was a better version of Pepsi. Less gas, pretty color and better taste?

    Vitamin C calpis is the bomb! You know what standard Calpis is right (it’s white and full of sugary goodness)? Well Vitamin C Calpis is like Calpis but Orange and mixed with the juice of all these other fruits. So I can only pray that its good for me since I have it whenever I think I’m about get sick = =

    Passionfruit fanta? I guess that’s something. I haven’t had that yet… I guess I will be adding that on my things to try list…

  4. Less gas and better taste are always good things!

    I had a lychee Calpis yesterday and it was so nice. Now I can’t wait to try that vitamin C one when I head over to Japan! I think there is also sugar and other goodness in it too…

    I wouldn’t drink too much soft drink if I could help it

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