windows 7 fail

Amidst much anticipation, Windows 7 was released earlier this week as Microsoft’s saviour after the disasterous reign of Windows Vista.

Is that really so?

This is an excerpt from Fuji Television’s morning television show showing off the touch screen capabilities of the new operating system. Watch as he tries to open a file and zoom in onto Japan.

Even though I didn’t understand what they were saying half the time, watching him was enough to have me in stitches…

「ボンボン… スリプしてるかな… ええ?? 何か起きていますね?」



2 responses to “windows 7 fail

  1. Hmm well for all you know there could have been a problem with the TV’s response? =P Well anyways…Windows 7 as a whole is fairly good. I didn’t really hate Vista either. I’ve been using Windows 7 RC on my spare PC. Still have to get the released version of 7 for my main PC!

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