cluttered desk shows a cluttered mind

I decided to jot down all the things I have on my L-shaped desk.

Starting from the left (side where you come into the workstation) and swinging right, I have:

  • 40 pieces of scrap paper I haven’t touched in months
  • Jacket
  • Sticky tape (which everyone but I use)
  • Forms
  • Holepuncher
  • Rubber band box with rubber bands
  • Stapler
  • Empty lunch box
  • Empty glass
  • Bottle with no water
  • Apple crumble muffin (half finished, and probably will stay that way since it has 20g of fat)
  • On the low 20cm barrier wall that encompasses the left part of the “L”, a list of 50 Japanese verbs
  • Pen holder with 1 ruler, 7 pens (4 blue, 2 red, 1 black), 3 highlighters (2 blue and 1 pink), eraser, 3 black clips, rubber bands and multiple paperclips
  • At the centre of the “L”, my computer with my phone and fax number written on a post-it note stuck onto the tower.
  • Flip daily calendar currently showing 14 October 2009
  • 5 ring binder folders with information and my name tag clipped onto one of them (so that people know who I am, if they see it given it’s only a name tag and not a desk sign)
  • Tissue box and Japanese artwork of maple leaves in Autumn bought in Kyoto on top of it leaning against the wall
  • Hanging over the top of the head-level high wall on the right-hand side of the “L”, a “no need to hold the telephone but just put on head” handset attached to my phone below it and my pinned up special door hanger saying “privacy please” from the Australian Privacy Commission with attached post-it note saying “いそがしい”
  • iPhone
  • Black pen and pacer
  • On the wall further to the right, notes on how to convert to て-form in Japanese
  • Photo frame with 5 assorted sticker photos and polaroids
  • Writing book with scribbled notes and other materials currently being used
  • 2 L-shaped holders for: bound copies of essential work legislation and 5 envelope folders of papers. Slipped inconscipcuously into one of them are menus for restraurants around Chatswood including one for 魚湯米線 which I’d like to try
  • Junk paper to throw away later

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