gone with the wind

Japan under the influence of typhoon number 18/Typhoon Melor (台風18号)…

This is the first typhoon to make landfall on the Japanese mainland  in two years. The typhoon hit in the early hours of yesterday (Thursday) morning firstly in Aichi Prefecture (愛知県) before making a trail through Honshu (本州) and out through the Tohoku (東北) region. Areas have been totally devastated by the strong winds, which have left at least two dead and many injured.

Japan is located at a latitude roughly the same as New South Wales. Sydney is at 33° whilst Tokyo is at 35°.

Chaos also in Tokyo as the spillover effects of cancellations on the Japanese train network causes stations to grind to a halt. This is Meguro JR station (目黒駅) in Tokyo. As people waited hours to board trains, their simultaneous use of the telephone network caused that to collapse too.

Sydney under the influence of a complex low pressure system…

Sydney experienced yesterday strong gale force winds gusting at around 90km/h continuing into today. Swells of up to 10 metres meant that Manly ferry services in the harbour had to be cancelled.


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