wednesday TV in sydney

It was a massive night in terms of television ratings tonight, as all the major channels threw even the bathroom sink into their lineups to entice viewers to watch.

Tonight’s primetime shows included:

  • Celebrity Masterchef (Ch10) – which proved to be a little dry, and not so interesting watching Kirk go through oh his bombed Alaska. It would have been better if all 20 of the celebrities had done a pressure test together.
  • Hey Hey it’s Saturday (Wednesday) Reunion (Ch9) – such a refreshing piece of live television which is miles away from the likes of Rove and 7pm Project. I think Australia’s missed it for the last 10 years and it deserves to be back, although maybe as a 1.5 hour program max. It showcases talent from Red Faces to musical delights. It’s LIVE TELEVISION! Gotta love it. #heyhey was a trending topic for the time the show was airing.
  • NCIS LA (Ch 10) – not as good as having Jethro leading the squad, and will lose hands down if it continues to be put next to HHIS next week (for me anyway).
  • World’s Strictest Parents (Ch 7) – does not even deserve a mention.

2 responses to “wednesday TV in sydney

  1. haha yeah weird isn’t it? only going to be on tv for 2 weeks as a special though…

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