thoughts on twitter

It was Twitter that spelt the end of my mass blogging. Let’s explore the phenomenon that is Twitter, and the implications it has had on my life.

How did it start?

I joined Twitter 34 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve tweeted about nearly 1000 times and spent a fair amount of time on it.

Why do I like Twitter?

I like it because it’s fast. It’s almost instantaneous. It offers an outlet for people to express my thoughts, especially my frustrations on Sydney’s public transport (those that follow know), at anytime. The limit to 140 characters is genius and is an artform in itself to condense those thoughts. Also, the ability to upload images direct from my phone onto Twitter is fantastic, especially to taunt those who aren’t there.

I also like how Twitter is able to spread news across the internet faster than even the media does. It’s a great source of news when it happens.

Although best of all, it’s just totally random, which suits me to a tee.

What don’t I like about Twitter?

I don’t like how empty accounts can follow you. I deliberately leave my Twitter unprotected so that other real people can follow, should they wish to.

I don’t like how it’s reducing the english language even further and promoting the use of ‘netspeak’. My biggest hate is when people mistakenly use YOUR instead of YOU’RE to indicate “you are”. If I set aside a dollar each time I see this fundamental mistake in grammar, I’d be able to fund my trip to Japan in no time!

Am I addicted?

Possibly. I check more often than I tweet.

Is it to blame for the lack of blogging?

Very much so. What would have normally become a blog post was simply condensed to something 140 characters long. Having said that, I do feel there are many things that just cannot be captured in 140 characters.

What has surprised me about Twitter?

Its reach. The ability for people to tweet from anywhere on the planet unrestricted by political or social pressures makes it so powerful. I also admire its diversity in topics from the truly personal to the news and commercial.

What do I think about famous people on Twitter?

I don’t mind really. It helps to personify them and bring them back to our level, seen one way. Another way, it really is just another marketing tool. It really depends on how they use it. I don’t follow any famous people or businesses though. I would rather just see tweets from people I know.

What do I think about money making on Twitter?

Well from what I have read lately about the possible use of advertisements or premium account services, I think that they are just natural courses of revenue making that businesses adopt. Nothing wrong with that at all. As long as it does not interfere with what Twitter does, and is about, then I have no objections.


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