dust storm leaves sydney glowing orange

Sydney woke up to armaggedon this morning as dust surrounded the city, whipped up by a massive cold front roaring through central Australia. Never before has a large Australian city been affected by a dust storm as severe as this.

People with respiratory ailments are told to stay at home and avoid inhaling the dust. Even sitting at work, I am already feeling the dryness in my throat, and coughing from the dust being reticulated around the office in the air-conditioning.

Conditions are expected to begin clearing mid-afternoon. Flights and ferries have been affected. Driving on the road this morning was akin to driving through red fog with visibility down to only 100m. It was much better after sunrise.

How was your morning?

Photos from the morning of redness:

This shot was taken from work looking northbound along the Pacific Highway at 9am. It is actually worse now.

The dust along the sides of the road this morning across Sydney.

View of the sun as a white spot in Chatswood.

The skies choking in blood orange with the sun perfectly visible.

Chatswood station this morning at 8:45am.

Looking northwards from the train on the Harbour Bridge this morning. Cannot see across to the other side.

Orange skies above the bridge.

Looking back towards the City from the bridge.

As I was waiting for the bus this morning at about 8am.

Blood red skies this morning at 6am.

I was deciding whether or not to step out of the house at this point: 5:45am. It was brighter than this but a deep hue of red, almost like hell had arrived at our doorstep.


2 responses to “dust storm leaves sydney glowing orange

  1. Yo….
    very serious!!!!
    even worse than HK….
    we have never seen an orange sky like this….= =

  2. Dust storm was crazy, eh? I said to my brother that it was probably the beginning of the end of the world (until I realised that one could walk through and still live). 😛

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