work experience conundrum

I am only sounding what is obvious to many people by now, and that is the work experience conundrum. The hardest job to get is always the first. The word first is open to wider interpretation and is not confined to just the first job of a person’s life.

The conundrum is like this:

  1. I have no work experience because I have not worked before, or if I have, I am have not worked in and is not familiar with that field
  2. The basic entry level jobs require a minimum level of work experience
  3. I am unlikely to get the position ahead of those with the required minimum level of work experience
  4. I will remain unemployed and will not gain any experience because firms refuse to employ me

Ways to address this problem:

  • Persistence. Not all jobs in most fields require work experience.
  • Apply anyway. There really is no harm to apply anyway to those jobs, show them that you are able to learn and that you are their desired candidate notwithstanding the lack of work experience.
  • Look at job sites specific to university students. The employers who list here know the attributes of uni students and their jobs are aimed at this market, otherwise why advertise there?
  • Volunteer. A good way to build up some experience and life experiences as well.

It is all the more important to apply for every job in this current economic environment. With increased competition due to a tighter market, it is now much harder to land a job compared to the hey days of a few years ago where jobs were flying left right and centre. がんばって!


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