transit officers worth the money?

With a marked increase in observed ticket inspector patrols lately, especially on the Illawara Line, it makes me question the value of having these ex-grey shirt people.

Let me do a mathematical example. Say there are 300 inspectors on the network and they are all paid a salary of $30,000. That means Cityrail will need to pay $9,000,000 annually. This will be recuperated by catching 45,000 people a year, which is less than 125 people a day across the 300 inspectors. That’s not even one per inspector. Expense justified.

Their presence is already sufficient to scare people into buying their tickets. Prevention is better than cure. Expense justified.

I actually see their value as being more a revenue generating exercise. The breakeven as has been shown is minimal. For a person paid $30,000, they need to catch 150 people over one year to justify their salary. If they were more highly paid, say $40,000, they only need to catch a meagre 200 in one year. That’s less than one per day. Revenue raising justified.

With major emphasis on reading each ticket possibly means:

  • They may be working towards quotas, and these have not been filled
  • An executive direction to be more attentive so that more people may be caught during the same sweep
  • Their remuneration may include a commision

Bottom line clearly is a need to increase the amount of fines issued, whatever the reason. Revenue raising justified.

After consideration of all these elements, ticket inspectors justified by Cityrail.


2 responses to “transit officers worth the money?

  1. .. and their existence is also justified for those of us who religiously buy our tickets and pay our taxes to actually keep Cityrail running.

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