our false democracy

Do we live in a democratic society? Only half, I think.

As you may have read in my other post, NSW needs a panic button, we can vote in a government because that’s the recognised part of the right, but there is limited recourse on how we can vote out a government. This is exacerbated by a recent change to the Constitution Act 1902 (NSW) that extended a term of government from three to four years, meaning that we must tolerate inept governments for even longer.

In Australia, we only have two major political players: Australian Labor Party and the Coalition (Nationals and Liberal). As described before, greed and possibly corruption have tainted the incumbent government’s image and tarnished its credentials to no end. This is an endemic problem that probably exists beyond this incument government. How do you change something when the very people that are in a power to make the changes are those that may benefit from the current inadequacies?

Essentially, the true meaning of democracy is power of the people. In our current system, the only show of democracy is at election time, when the people exercise their democratic right to elect a government. That’s half the life cycle. Where there is a beginning, there is an end. 

Tragically, it has become the status quo that governments then exercise their political (personal) will over the term of their governance based on the incorrect notion that have been elected in democratically and need not please the constituency until election time again. Only very few politicians if any, are in parliament because they have a genuine desire to help their electorate. That is where the democracy fails and human nature begins to take over. 

I am frustrated that governments make decisions based on the deluded falsity that since they have been elected, there must be a natural assumption that any actions they do are automatically representative of the people’s will. Nonsense. I refuse to entertain such a utopian, nonsensical belief. Take me to an asylum now.

The bottom line is that there are no checks and balances on the current system. There is no way that a government can be ousted upon the will of the people in what would be a true exercise of democracy. In a truly democratic society, people should be able to exercise this right in a two way fashion: once to elect a government and once to dismiss a government should it be necessary. Can we do this?

Let it be known to the world that the necessary time to dismiss the NSW government has already passed us. We do not live in a truly democratic society if we are not even able to exercise this basic right in this time of need. Do not delude ourselves in this blind falsity. We are not as democratic as we think, and what right do we have imposing this notion on others when we have not mastered it ourselves?


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