just facebook it

I agree with the sentiment expressed in the article “Facebook rescue highlights ‘ongoing struggle’“. If you were stuck in a drain, would the first thing you do be changing your status message to reflect that fact?

I do not accept that a reasonable teenager only years younger than I would think that in times of desperate crisis, facebook would be the first place to seek help. Let’s say if their intention was to then call emergency services directly afterwards, could it be said that at that point in time they did not fear for their safety? Or possibly they did fear, but their innate reflex reaction was to interact on a social networking site first.

That’s worrying. In a space of just ten years between our generation and their generation, the internet (and the computer) has done much to change social interaction. Alerting your friends you are stuck in a drain would likely result in some “like this” thumb ups, and that in itself is a pretty cool status message. As your friends slowly see this on their news feeds, your popularity soars to record highs or possibly dive to record lows. Those important rescuers still remain clueless as to your disappearance.

I just don’t get it.

I would call 000 first in that situation as any reasonable person would. Has the 000 message not reached the next generation? Or are they just proud, narcisstic, risk takers that needs the world to love them back just as much?


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